Helsinki New Era Hybrid Library

Helsinki New Era Hybrid Library

Since the opening on the 5th December, 2018 Helsinki has a new addition to its architectural landscape - grand design library of waves of glass and spruce. 

”Designed by ALA Architects, this library of a new era is an ode to Finnish culture, equality and freedom of expression. Oodi offers everyone an open, public urban space at Kansalaistori Square, right opposite Parliament House.”

Oodi library is a 3 floored house of literature and diverse urban experiences and apart from traditional library services, it offers also various entertainment activities - café, restaurant, cinema, art, recording studio facilities and an urban workshop.

It is a hybrid library and a pioneer in library services, leading the way in the library world.  Helsinki's New Library makes use of the most recent robot technology and high-tech equipment, such as 3-D Printers, laser cutter, computerized embroidery machines and book-sorting robots. The ultimate goal was to "embrace technology and progressive values to provide a variety of innovative services alongside its lending collection of books."